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  • About Montessori School

    Excellence in everything

    At Seasons International (Montessori) School, we employ the Montessori method of teaching which is meant to stimulate the child’s active mind and the introduction of multi-age materials which helps in maintaining the child’s love of learning. The classroom also encourages the child to express their independence.

    In the early childhood program, (Nursery) we introduce the child to language by utilizing a phonetic approach to reading. Communications are developed through enrichment of vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing.

    Our Philosophy

    At Seasons International (Montessori) School, we are dedicated to the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori who founded the Montessori Method of education in the early 1900’s.  This Method is well accepted internationally and from her studies it is believed that the most important development period of life is from birth to six years. Children in this type of prepared environment grow better intellectually, morally and spiritually.

    Mission Statement

    We are dedicated to the development of child’s potential while maintaining and securing a beautifully prepared environment for each child to grow and flourish.

    Our Vision

    To prepare the child for ever-challenging life endeavour by inculcating skills, moral values and academic excellence.

    The Curriculum

    The curriculum consists of language, arts, maths, nature science, geography, history, cultural studies, etc. The program is designed to meet the individual learning style of the child guided by qualified teachers. All the children work in a prepared and challenging environment.


    This introduces the child to the use of five (5) senses that is, smelling, tasting, listening and touch. This is done through the manipulation of objects which contrasts, example; colour, odour, sizes, sounds, textures and weights in the child’s surroundings

    This is demonstrated through the care of self in a dynamic environment. Special emphasis is placed on coordination, concentration and social responsibility between self and other people around them.

    Extra Curricular Activities

    Seasons International (Montessori) School welcomes the children to participate in extra – curricular activities. The following activities are offered but not limited to music, dance sports fun, swimming and Arts.